How to Get Verified Badge on Instagram : A Complete Step-By-Step Guide

We have all seen the Verified Badge on Instagram. It is a small blue tick that appears next to an Instagram account’s name in search and on the profile.

This Verified Badge usually appears next to the names of celebrities or famous companies. A blue tick indicates the authenticity of a page on Instagram.

But does that mean that your page is not valid if you don’t have a blue tick? The answer is a big no.

In fact, the blue tick was a tool to distinguish real accounts from fake ones. Fake accounts usually pretend to be celebrities or famous brands for earning money and scams. You can try it yourself: enter the name of a well-known person in your Instagram Explorer section. Let’s start with a familiar name like Ricky Martin:

instagram verification

As you can see, several pages with the name of Ricky Martin appear in search result. Moreover, among the items that can be seen in the list, none of them is even the main page of Ricky Mar

In the most optimistic case, tens and sometimes hundreds and thousands of user pages are created on Instagram in the name of celebrities. Sometimes they have so many followers that people confuse them with the main page. That’s why Instagram uses the blue tick. Blue tick or Verified Badge on Instagram will actually assigned to a page after going through several steps and the final approval of Instagram.

To get verified on Instagram, you should send a request and then wait for Instagram to confirm the validity of your page. Therefore, no page, not even the page of celebrities, will receive a blue tick without a request. Second, you need to send some documents to prove that you are a real person, brand, or company.

Who gets a verified badge on Instagram?

Ask yourself, are you a famous person? Does your Instagram page represent a famous company? Is your page about an organization, institution or brand? If yes, then you can be a candidate for a blue tick.

Note that there is no difference between business and personal accounts, and both can get a Verified Badge on Instagram. In addition, your account should be public and you must have at least one post as well as a profile picture.

Remember that your account must be the unique presence of the person or business it represents. In addition, some small businesses can receive a blue tick to prevent any fraudulent page abuses.

your account must be the unique presence of the person or business it represents

Step-By-Step Guide to Get Verified Badge on Instagram

Getting a blue tick is not at all difficult and can be complicated in a few simple steps.

Step 1: Check your account

The first step is to log in to Instagram and make sure that this account is the one for which you want to get a blue tick.

Step 2: Send a request

Look at the top right of the page in your profile section to see the menu icon, which is three straight lines. Clicking on it opens a side menu, at the bottom of which you will see the Setting icon. Enter the settings section and select the Account option. Then select Request Verification.

Step-By-Step Guide to Get Verified Badge on Instagram

Step 3: Enter the required information

In this section, a form will open for you in which you must enter your username, full name, title or second name and category of your account.

You should first enter your user name. Then write your full name. It means the same name that you have in your ID card. If you have a nickname that people know you by, you will enter it in the third section.

The fourth field is Category. It contains a list from which you must enter the option closest to your account. For example, your page may fall into the categories such as: news, business, sports, government, media, music, fashion, brand, influential figure, etc.

In the next section, Instagram will ask you to upload a photo of your ID. You can upload your passport, identity card, driver’s license or other valid documents in this section. If your page is a business page, use the official document of your business or tax receipts.

Then send you request. Instagram will review them as soon as possible and decide whether to give you a blue tick or not. Although there is no official time limit for receiving a blue tick.

Extra tricks for receiving a blue tick

Now that you have learned the basics of getting a blue tick on Instagram, there are also a few tricks that can increase your chances of getting one.

First, be sure to follow the principle of honesty. This is very important for Instagram, and if there is a problem with your authentication process, you will definitely miss your chance to get a blue tick. So be honest and submit all your documents accurately and genuinely.

Secondenrich your page. If your page is empty of posts or you do not have a profile picture, you will miss your chance. In addition, be sure to complete your bio and make sure you have accurate information about yourself or your business.

Thirdly, try to be at the top of the news. Whether your have a personal or a business account, it’s better to be newsworthy and famous. For example, if someone Google your name or your business, he/she should find at least some news about you.

Another point is that you should be active even out of Instagram. People who are only known on Instagram but have no other website or social network may reduce their chances of getting a blue tick.

Lastly, you should not link to other social pages or channels on your Instagram bio. This will prevent Instagram from giving you a blue tick.