Instagram Rules and Limits : What are the guidelines ?

Today, Instagram is very popular among people around the world. The purpose of this network is to publish more attractive and entertaining photos and videos. As a result, we can see more active environment on Instagram than other social networks. Keep reading this article to know more about Instagram Rules and Limits.

Instagram Rules and Limits

The Instagram app, like other apps in the field, includes a set of rules that users must follow in order to become a permanent member of the social network.

If a person wants to have a stable activity and be considered one of the most popular Instagram users, he/she must follow the rules of Instagram.

If you want to have a secure Instagram account, it is very important that you respect the rules set by Instagram. You should follow the legal restrictions of Instagram, including:

  • Amount of likes per day and hour
  • Amount of following and unfollowing per day
  • The amount of direct messages per day
  • The amount of messages per post
  • Number of characters allowed for each post
  • The amount of hashtags allowed for each post

Why should you consider Instagram rules?

As an Instagram user, you must know the rules and restrictions of Instagram and follow them. So, you can have a high level of interaction and prevent the page from being blocked or deleted.

It is possible that you have a lot of free time to browse on Instagram. You’ll see many pages and posts a day. On the other hand, you may have a business account on Instagram. Therefore, you need to be constantly active on the platform.

Then, these rules may seem annoying! But all of these rules and restrictions will be for your own security. Instagram has the ability to detect spams and provide security for your account.

Instagram rules updates

In the past, Instagram used to block accounts without any warning, but the process has changed after new updates.

 In case of the violation of rules, people will first receive a warning about blocking. Then if they still violate the rules despite the warnings, some actions may be taken. In short, their account will be blocked at the specified time. This update was created in July 2019.

Currently, the Instagram app only blocks and disables accounts that violate a certain percentage of the rules. Moreover, some new and clear rules have been added to the program that parents can use to control their children. This way they can spend hours on Instagram without any worries.

Instagram rules:

  1. Under no circumstances should Instagram users post a spam on their personal page or other pages.
  2. Users of this network should not publish posts or pictures of others in their own name.
  3. Copyright law must be observed by all users of this network.
  4. None of the users of this network have the right to publish immoral and illegal images and comments.
  5. Instagram users should not publish posts or comments that are threatening or harassing.
  6. Also, the person’s posts and comments should not include suicidal or encouraging to use drugs and psychotropic substances.

Violation of any of the above is a violation of the Instagram rules. All the users must pay attention to these guidelines.

The social network has also imposed some restrictions. These restrictions are mostly designed to prevent various abuses, to prevent countless advertisements of some companies and individuals, and to prevent harassment of other users.

Obviously, large companies and active social networks such as Instagram never reveal the limitations and methods of implementing their algorithms to users; But by gathering different experiences and applying trial and error, one can easily find the secrets of these networks and their limitations.

Some of the Instagram limitations discovered by Instagram are stated below.

In fact, paying attention to these restrictions is same as following the Instagram algorithms.

Limited or restricted content on Instagram

The strict rules that Instagram has set for users:

  • Buy and sell firearms
  • Buying and selling alcohol
  • Buying and selling tobacco
  • Sale of illegal drugs
  • Selling a​​live animals
  • Online gambling
  • Publishing sexual content
  • Hateful words
  • Blackmailing or personal harassment
  • Encouraging people to violence
  • Threatening people to inflict physical, financial and other harm
  • Encouraging people to try self-harm
  • Releasing of negative and violent films

All the options mentioned above are completely forbidden for all users in the Instagram app. Instagram will immediately block and delete them. Among the cases to which Instagram will react harshly is the sale of drugs or sexual requests. It will immediately identify the relevant page and delete it completely.

Other types of Instagram restrictions

So, what happens if you violate one of the rules?

  1. Restriction on following other Instagram users

As an Instagram user, you will only be allowed to follow 10 other users on the Instagram network in an hour (about 200 people a day). Therefore, if you follow a large number of other Instagram users in a short period of time, your account will be blocked by Instagram for up to 24 hours to follow.

This means that you can not follow other people for 24 hours, but you will be allowed to do the rest of your activities on the platform.

  1. Restrictions on like

Also, as an Instagram user, you are only allowed to like 300 posts of different users in one hour (about 7000 posts per day).

If you like a large number of posts on Instagram in a short period of time, your account will be blocked of like for 24 hours. This means that you will not be allowed to like any post for the next 24 hours, but other activities will be ok.

Instagram restrictions

  • Restrictions on comments

s an Instagram user, you are only allowed to leave 59 comments in an hour. You will also be allowed to leave 500 comments within 24 hours (overnight).

If you post more comments than allowed in various Instagram posts in a short period of time, your account will be blocked for 24 hours for commenting. This means that you will not be allowed to leave a comment for the next 24 hours.

If you leave a number of duplicate comments in a short period of time, Instagram will look at your account as a spammer and your account will be blocked

As a result, Instagram users should avoid duplicate comments. This is more common in advertising. Instagram bots usually create duplicate comments, which are often used to promote a particular job.

  1. Restrictions on using hashtags

As an Instagram user, you will only be allowed to use 30 hashtags in your post.

If you use more than 30 hashtags , your post will publish, but none of the hashtags will be seen in your published post.

Professional Instagram users usually use 4 to 8 hashtags in their posts and try to make these hashtags the most relevant. This method provide you with better results.

What are Instagram restrictions?

  • Limitation on Caption

The Instagram network has been created mostly to publish photos and videos, thus limiting the text. As an Instagram user, you are allowed to leave a caption with a maximum of 2200 characters.

This means that only 2200 characters are published in an Instagram post. Instagram aims to publish compelling photos and videos with brief descriptions, not long text.

Experience has shown that users spend more time on interesting and entertaining photos and videos than on long text.

  1. Restriction on comment characters

Like the one described above, comments posted by the user are also limited.

As an Instagram user, you are only allowed to leave a comment with 240 characters. If your comment has more than the allowed characters, it will be published in two different comments.

  1. Restriction of following or unfollowing

As an Instagram user, you can follow 70 other users in 24 hours. If you exceed this limit, your account will be blocked by Instagram for following or unfollowing.

The latest restrictions and rules on Instagram

In addition to the above mentioned Instagram rules, it has also placed advertising restrictions such as weight loss ads and cosmetic surgeries. It is always trying to create a physically and mentally healthy environment for its users, and even ads that may cause harm to Users will be deleted.

If you are an active user of the Instagram, you may encounter a lot of ads throughout the day and get frustrated to see them. So, you no longer have to worry because Instagram’s new policies allow you to do block them.

Bottom Line

Currently, Instagram is one of the most famous and popular networks in the world. Many people use this social network to develop their business.

Instagram marketing methods are very simple. If people use this network properly, pay attention to its rules and identify its various tricks, they can easily attract countless followers. They can also become one of the successful Instagram influencers and earn money.

If you pay careful attention to the Instagram Rules, you’ll find your way around it!